NATURgum is 100% sugar free, made only with completely natural sweeteners and aromas. NATURgum is naturally sweetened only with stevia or xylitol. It is suitable for diabetics. *
*Reg. CE 1924/2006, Reg. UE 1129/2011

It is a natural sweetener extracted from Birch plant (or even from wheat) which contains 40% less calories than sucrose. It is suitable for teeth mineralization and the elimination of acid plaque, as well as having preventive effects on osteoporosis.

It comes from the Yucatan rainforests in Mexico. The gum base, called “chicle”, it is extracted from the Sapodilla tree, on which, the chicleros, local collectors, make X cuts on the bark, so that there is no deforestation and the “resin” can be extracted without any kind of damage to the environment.

Absolutely yes, we are actually MUCH BETTER! Initially, its texture might be slightly harder that the traditional chewing-gums, but, after a while, the consistency is identical to standard gums.

Just a few cents more than traditional chewing-gums. Creating a 100% natural chewing-gum is the result of a great effort; with a few cents more you can make a responsible choice for the planet and a healthier one for yourself. Buy them on-line through our e-shop or at your local store. You don’t find them, just e-mail us at Try it, you will not regret it.

They are chewing-gums of a slightly darker colour, because without any type of colouring, preservative and chemical additive; NATURgum is a 100% natural product

NATURgum is produced under a proprietary formula in factories located exclusively in the European Union and under highest quality standards

It lasts as long as a traditional chewing-gum Furthermore, according to pilot research on a large sample of people, it has been shown that the taste remains longer than any other
chewing-gum with a natural gum base and is cooler than traditional chewing-gum.

NATURgum is not a simple chewing-gum but a 100% natural chewing-gum and a functional product; it helps increase teeth’s mineralization and it gives also a fresh breath. The elimination of acid plaque is vital to reduce the probability of caries and chewing-gum facilitates the removal of food fragments between the teeth.

We recommend 4 or 5 comfits per day, one after meals. Chewing for about twenty minutes helps to eliminate the acid plaque and to keep teeth fresh and clean.**Reg. UE 432/2012

It is absolutely safe; it does not contain neither synthetic substances nor any chemical additives, only natural ingredients, natural sweeteners and natural flavours. NATURgum obtained quality certificates from the FDA (food and Drug Administration), GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) and BRC Global Standards for food safety. Chewing NATURgum is also a safe choice for children.

For any doubts or concerns please contact the agent or the company referent or send an email to to

For any doubts or concerns please contact the agent or the company referent or send an email to to